Antoine Goutard Eliminated in 2nd Place (125,500)

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  Raul Paez called on the button and Antoine Goutard opted to check.

  The flop came and Goutard check-raised the 160,000 bet of Paez to 350,000 which Paez called.

  The turn brought them the , Goutard checked again. Paez bet 400,000 and Goutard called quite quickly.

  The on the river completed the board and Goutard checked for the last time. Paez shoved and Goutard considered it for about twenty seconds before making the call.

  Paez flipped over for the flopped pair of deuces which were improved to two pair on the turn. Goutard showed he held for the flopped pair of sevens which meant the end of his run for tonight as he was eliminated in second place for 125,500.

  Paez's rail celebrated loudly while Goutard's rail groaned and Goutard walked to his girlfriend who gave him a big kiss as some consolation.

  A recap of today's action is to follow.